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HOTD 2020 explained

Get your dancing shoes ready! In 2024 HOTD is grooving back to the '80s dance floors! Remember that iconic Disco ball and those rad tunes? Nightclubs were the ultimate party zones, and DJs ruled with their vinyl spins. 

The '80s weren't just about music - think boomboxes, cassettes, EXTRAVAGANT fashion, and oh-so-cool accessories. And that shiny Disco ball? It's our costume's star, designed with HOTD’s unique flair. Ready to relive the ultimate party decade with us? Check out our 2024 costumes below:

check out what our past costumes looked like below:

base composition 3_01703.png

HOTD’s 2023 carnival theme shined a light on HOTD’s vision; “Revolutionizing Curaçao's traditional and cultural carnival event by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.” With this theme, we invited everyone to step outside of the barriers they know so we together can inspire the next generation!

At the same time, we could not ignore the global covid-19 pandemic during which many souls were lost and we found ourselves confined to a “new normal”. In moments like these we can easily get discouraged, but “HOTD un(caged)” reminds us to reflect, Rise Up! and #SoarToNewHeights

For Curaçao Carnival 2020 Hats off to Dreams brought you to the world of glamour and extravagant ‘couture’.  We transported you back to the 18th century where Rose Bertin, the french fashion designer to Queen Marie Antoinette, can be accredited for bringing ‘haute couture’ (high fashion) to the world. For the 50th edition of carnival we brought you nothing less than ‘HOTD COUTURE’, a bold reimagination of ‘couture’. 


To celebrate Curaçao carnival  2020, Hats off to Dreams designed a Royal family crest, an emblem representing our story. 

The Hats off to Dreams crest featured (from left to right)

Sign of interdependence (acknowledging that we are all connected), 

Black unicorn (a nod to the strong woman everywhere),

DiviDivi tree  (homage to our Curaçao roots), 

HOTD pattern (celebrating the HOTD family)

and 6 stars (6 founding members) framed in a delta symbol  (representing change).

For the 49th edition of the Curaçao carnival, our debut year, we were inspired by the box office hit

"Black Panther." Below you'll find our interpretation of this award-winning movie translated into carnival costumes, ‘THE ROYAL WARRIORS OF WAKANDA.’

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