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Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You in advance for giving your time and effort to the Hats off to Dreams carnival group. We are asking for a few hours of your time to help our members have the best and safest time during the 2024 Curaçao carnival parades. We need volunteer assistance to make this happen, but we also want to make sure, you the volunteer are also able to enjoy the parades.


We're looking for volunteer who are reliable, committed, able to come early/stay late and help with a variety of tasks. We're looking for volunteers who can communicate well, love to smile, are great with people, show good character, and give and receive firm but polite directions. It would be nice to have people who are familiar with "working with large crowds" but this is not required. Are you our ideal volunteer?


We invite you to join the excitement and become a part of our volunteer team! Please REGISTER BELOW and be a part of this wonderful experience!

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