For Curaçao Carnival 2020 Hats off to Dreams will bring you to the world of glamour and extravagant ‘couture’.  Get ready to be transported back to the 18th century where Rose Bertin, the french fashion designer to Queen Marie Antoinette, can be accredited for bringing ‘haute couture’ (high fashion) to the world. For the 50th edition of carnival we will bring you nothing less than ‘HOTD COUTURE’, a bold reimagination of ‘couture’. 

The history of fashion is a history of people.  The first clothes were made purely for protection; from natural elements: animal skin and furs, grasses & leaves, bones and shells. Later on clothing was draped or tied. Simple needles made out of animal bone provide evidence of sewn leather and fur garments. Fast forward to the 18th century, Marie-Jean Rose Bertin, 'The Minister of Fashion', was the brains behind almost every new dress commissioned by the queen Marie Antionette. Dresses and hair became Marie Antoinette's personal vehicles of expression. 'Haute Couture', translating into high fashion, high dressmaking or high sewing was born.


This practice of exclusive custom fitted clothing that accentuates self-expression is synonymous to carnival. During Carnival 2020 we will take our Hats off to couturiers and designers that laid the foundations of the modern fashion industry we know today and help us embrace our own sense of style. We’ll also take our hats off to the dressmakers and seamstresses that are such an integral part of bringing carnival creativity to life for the whole world to admire.  


Are you ready for carnival 2020? #gritanuma


To celebrate Curaçao carnival  2020, Hats off to Dreams has designed a Royal family crest, an emblem representing our story. 

The Hats off to Dreams crest features (from left to right)

Sign of interdependence (acknowledging that we are all connected), 

Black unicorn (a nod to the strong woman everywhere),

DiviDivi tree  (homage to our Curaçao roots), 

HOTD pattern (celebrating the HOTD family)

and 6 stars (6 founding members) framed in a delta symbol  (representing change).


© 2020 by Hats off to Dreams.